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DC1688A - LT3652HVEDD Demo Board | 17.7V to 34VIN, Buck 12V Lead Acid@2A, MPPC for Solar Power Input

Demonstration circuit 1688A is a sealed-lead acid 2A battery charger for solar power applications featuring the LT3652HVEDD. The LT3652HV is a complete mid-power battery charger that can operate over a wide input voltage range. The charger employs a 3.3V battery voltage feedback reference that allows the voltage for charging to be adjusted up to 18V. The LT3652HV has an input voltage regulation loop which reduces charge current if the input falls below a programmed level, set with a resistor divider.

The circuit provides constant-current/constant-voltage charging with a maximum charge current of 2A that is programmed by a current sense resistor.

DC1688A - Schematic