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DC1600A - LTC6412, LTC2261-14 | 10MHz to 800MHz, 31dB Range Analog Controlled VGA

DC1600A - Demo Board for:
LTC6412 - 800MHz, 31dB Range Analog-Controlled VGA

DC1600A - Schematic


Companion Demo Boards

DC890B - USB Data Acquisition Controller, for PScope Evaluation Kits (up to 250Mbps, CMOS/LVDS)



The PScope System is a USB-based product demonstration and data acquisition system for use with Linear Technology’s high performance ADCs and signal chain receiver family. PScope allows users to evaluate the SNR, SFDR, THD, as well as other key parameters, quickly and easily.  Use PScope software with the DC718, DC890 and DC1371 Data Collection Boards.

Click here to download PScope