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DC1613A - USB-to-PMBus Controller for Use with LTpowerPlay

Demonstration circuit 1613A is a USB-based controller with generic Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C) ports as well as SMBUS/PMBUS capabilities. It is designed to mate with Linear Technology’s family of LTpowerPlay™ demonstration boards. The demo board is fully isolated from the host PC’s ground. The evaluation software automatically detects which demo board is connected and loads the appropriate control screen.

The LTpowerPlay system provides a quick and easy way to evaluate the performance of a wide variety of Linear Technology’s products.

Includes CA2978 - 12-pin ribbon cable.


DC1613A - Demo Board Image


Companion Demo Boards

CA2978 - 12-pin ribbon cable for use with DC1613, DC2086 and DC2294
DC2086A - Powered Programming Adapter for Digital Power System Management Products



LTpowerPlay is a powerful development environment supporting Linear Technology's Digital Power System Management (PSM) products, providing unprecedented diagnostic and debug features.

Click here to download LTpowerPlay