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DC1514A - LT3579EFE Demo Board | 5V ≤ VIN ≤ 10V, Vout = 12V @1.75A, Fault Protection

Demonstration circuit 1514A feature the LT3579 in A Boost Regulator configuration. The Boost is designed to convert a 5V to 10V input source to 12V at 1.75A. DC1514A is designed to survive output short circuit events with the external MOSFET installed at the input as default. The board includes an option to install the MOSFET at the output side. The LT3579 includes a 42V Master and Slave switch combination with 6A total current and can be used in many configurations such as Boost, SEPIC, Cuk and Flyback.

DC1514A - Schematic