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DC1489A-A - LTC3619EDD Demo Board | 5V input, VOUT1 = 3.3V @ 400mA, VOUT2 = 3.4V @ 500mA (2A Pulsed)

Demonstration circuit 1489A is a synchronous buck dual regulator with adjustable input current limit featuring the LTC3619EDD (Burst mode operation) / LTC3619BEDD (pulse-skip mode) and is ideally suited for pulsed load applications where the input current needs to be limited. The -A board is for the LTC3619; the -B board is for the LTC3619B. It is configured for 500mA maximum input current limit. The outputs are configured for a 3.3V / 400mA continuous current output and a 3.4V output that can handle pulsed load currents up to 2A, with duty cycles up to 15%. The input voltage range is 5V ±10%. The fixed input current limited can be adjusted by replacing one resistor.

DC1489A-A - Schematic