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DC1436A - LT3754EUH Demo Board | 16-Channel Boost LED Driver, 20V ≤ VIN ≤ 28V, VLED = 55V @ 50mA

DC1436A is a 16-Channel High Voltage Boost LED Driver featuring the LT3754. The LT3754 drives up to 50mA per string and has a maximum LED string voltage of 45V. The VIN terminal is powered from an 8V to 14V input supply and is distinct from the 24V PVIN supply (20V to 28V) for best thermal performance. Overvoltage protection is set at 55V in case the LEDs are removed from the circuit. If the LEDs are opened, the FAULT terminal output flag goes low and reports the fault condition.  If one or more of the 16 LED channels is not used, its LED pin or terminal should be tied to VOUT (LED+) to disable it. Multiple channels can be tied in parallel by tying their LED1-LED16 pins together. 

DC1436A - Schematic