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DC950A-A - LT3825EFE Demo Board | Isolated Synchronous Flyback, 36V ≤ Vin ≤ 72V, Vout: 5V/2A, 3.3V/3A, 2.5V/3A

Demonstration circuit 950A-A is an isolated, 30W multi-output, synchronous flyback converter in 1/8 brick format featuring the LT3825. Output voltage sensing is implemented without the use of opto-coupler, by sensing the voltage across a primary side auxiliary winding. A load compensation circuit is used to compensate for voltage drops caused by load currents. DC950A-A has input voltage range 36V-72V and features the LT3825. Demonstration circuit 950A uses a transformer design with tapped secondary winding, to achieve higher efficiency and better cross regulation than is possible with a transformer that uses a separate winding for each output.

DC950A-A - Schematic