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DC810A - LTC3453EUF Demo Board | Buck-Boost Flash(500mA) / Torch(150mA) LED Driver, 2.7 ≤ VIN ≤ 5.5V, VLED

Demonstration circuit 810 is a high efficiency buck-boost flash LED driver featuring the LTC®3453 and the LXCL-PWF1 Lumileds Luxeon Flash LED. The board is optimized for 500mA (300ms) LED flash current or 150mA constant LED torch current with a single Lithium-Ion battery input voltage range of 2.7V to 4.2V or three AAA batteries in series. The Lithium-Ion battery input voltage range, high LED flash current and separate torch mode current setting, internal synchronous power switches, minimal and low-profile external components, and simple design makes the LTC3453 a great solution for highly efficient, space-constrained cellular telephone camera flash solutions. DC810 comes with three AAA batteries in series to simulate the capabilities of a typical Lithium-Ion cellular telephone battery.

DC810A - Schematic