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DC788A - LTC4061EDD | Single Cell Li-Ion Battery Charger, Vin = 4.3V to 8V, Batt = 4.2V@50mA to 1A

Demonstration circuit 788A is a complete constant-current, constant-voltage battery charger for one Lithium-Ion cell and featuring the LTC4061EDD. The demo board has an input voltage range of 4.3V to 8V, suitable for USB applications. Jumpers on the board allow charge currents from 50mA to 1A to be programmed and several charge termination methods to be used. Terminals are provided for adding a thermistor for sensing battery temperature, shutting down the charger, monitoring charge current and programming the minimum charge current level for termination (IDETECT).

The LTC4061 features an internal P-channel power MOSFET with a unique thermal feedback loop that reduces the output current under high ambient temperature and/or high power dissipation conditions. This feature allows the charger to provide higher charge currents under normal conditions and still provide safe charging under abnormal conditions such as high ambient temperature, high input voltage or low battery voltage.

DC788A - Schematic