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DC1317A-C - LT1952EGN-1/LTC3900 Demo Board | Active Reset, Vin=18V-72V Vout=12V @ 10A

Demonstration circuit 1317A-C is isolated input to high current output 1/8th brick footprint synchronous forward converter featuring the LT®1952 switching controller with Active Reset circuit. The Active Reset circuit can improve the efficiency in wide input voltage applications. Also, the Active Reset allows the implementation of self-driven synchronous secondary rectifiers in some applications. The DC1317A-C converts isolated 18V to 72V input to 12V output and provides over 12A of output current depending on cooling.

When determining the cooling requirements the actual input voltage range and continuous maximum output current must be taken into account. The converter operates at 300kHz with the peak efficiency greater than 94%. The DC1317 can be easily modified to generate output voltages in the range from 0.6V to 48V. The output currents are limited by total output power of up to 150W.

DC1317A-C - Schematic