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DC1219A-C - LT3495EDDB-1 Demo Board | Micropower 3-6Vin to 15Vout at 36mA

Demonstration circuit 1219A-A, A-B, A-C and A-D are micropower low noise boost converters with output disconnect featuring the four different LT3495 versions: LT3495 (0.65A switch current, switching frequency above audible range), LT3495B (0.65A switch current), LT3495-1 (0.35 switch current, switching frequency above audible range) and LT3495B-1 (0.35A switch current). All versions convert a 3V-6V source to 15V. The A-A and A-B versions supply 75mA at 3Vin, while the A-C and A-D supply 36mA. 

All versions feature a low noise control scheme, integrated output disconnect function, dimming control and a single output sense resistor.


DC1219A-A - Schematic