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DC1144A-B - LT3580EDD Demo Board | 5V ≤ VIN ≤ 12, VOUT = -12V @ 350mA

Demonstration circuits 1144A-A and 1144A-B feature the LT3580EDD in Boost and Inverting regulator configurations, respectively. The demo circuits demonstrate small size and low component count. The DC1144A-A is designed to convert a 3V to 10V source to 12V at 300mA, while the DC1144A-B inverter converts a 5V to 12V source to -12V at 350mA.

The LT3580 operates with inputs as high as 32V but in these demo boards the input is limited by the voltage rating of the input capacitors and the magnitude of the boost output. The DC1146A-B can easily be configured into a SEPIC converter.

DC1144A-A - Schematic