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DC1030A - LTC3218EDDB Demo Board | Boost Charge Pump Camera LED Driver, 2.9V ≤ VIN ≤ 4.5V, VLED up to 4.5V @ 400mA

Demonstration circuit 1030 is a 400mA Single Wire Charge Pump Camera LED Driver featuring the LTC3218. This circuit provides 50mA of continuous torch current and two flash current levels, 300mA and 400mA. The LTC3218 has a built-in 2-second flash timer to protect the LED in case of faults during flash mode.

The demo board operates with an input supply voltage range of 2.9V to 4.5V and includes an AOT-2015 LED. It generates a minimum LED voltage of 2.2V at 50mA LED current. The charge pump operates in 1x or 2x mode with automatic mode switching, and generates a maximum output voltage of 4.5V. 

DC1030A - Schematic