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LTspice: Annotating Schematic & Waverform Plots

Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer Sep 4th 2013

Adding informative comments to a schematic using text is very useful. However, there are times when adding a line, rectangle, circle or arc to a schematic can better illustrate a circuit. A classic example is highlighting a transformer core using two lines. In LTspice these graphical annotations are available under Draw in the Edit menu. If you do not want these graphical annotations to snap to the grid, you can hold down the Ctrl key while positioning.

LTspice IV: Annotating Schematic & Waverform Plots


Waveform plots can be annotated with text, arrows, lines, boxes and circles. These annotations are effective for illustrating a particular result in your plot to a colleague. Plot annotations along with Move and Drag can be found under Notes & Annotations under Plot Setting menu. Note that if you annotate a plot you will need to save your annotations via a Plot Setting file (available under Plot Setting menu); otherwise they will not be saved.

LTspice IV: Annotating Schematic & Waverform Plots




LTspice® software is a powerful, fast and free simulation tool, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for improving the simulation of switching regulators. Click here to download LTspice