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LTspice: Undocumented Shortcuts

Gabino Alonso - Strategic Marketing Engineer May 1st 2013

There are several undocumented shortcuts in LTspice IV that you might find useful:

Alt + left-click on a label, V(n008), in the waveform viewer to highlight that particular net in the schematic editor.

LTspice IV: Undocumented Shortcuts

To route wires at an angle, hold down Ctrl key as you draw them.

LTspice IV: Undocumented Shortcuts

Text with a preceding underscore character, e.g., “_FAULT”, is displayed as an overbar, active low, digital signal.

LTspice IV: Undocumented Shortcuts

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H temporarily highlights all hidden text within the schematic. In this example, a series resistor and parallel capacitor are encapsulated and hidden within C5 to simplify layout.

LTspice IV: Undocumented Shortcuts




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