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SmartMesh IP Wireless Sensor Network Starter Kit

Thomas Watteyne - Sr. Networking Design Engineer Jun 19th 2013

SmartMesh IP is a ready-to-use, IPv6 enabled, low power mesh networking solution from the Dust Networks product group at Linear Technology. All the complexity of the mesh networking is handled under-the-hood so you can focus on your application. To simplify integrating a SmartMesh IP network into your wireless sensing system, a range of documentation, application notes and sample code are provided.

The purpose of this video is to help you get started with your SmartMesh IP starter kit. It demonstrates how you can quickly deploy your SmartMesh IP network and measure its performance first hand, in a real environment. Specifically, you will use sample applications from the SmartMesh software development kit (SDK) to explore the out-of-the-box capabilities of your SmartMesh IP network.

The SmartMesh SDK is a collection of Python modules and applications, provided as source code. We will use sample applications from the SmartMesh SDK to explore key elements of a SmartMesh IP network: change the data reporting rate of the nodes in the network , trigger an actuation at a network node and explore achievable data rates. This video uses a DC9000 SmartMesh IP Starter Kit and software downloaded from www.linear.com. We will conclude this video by discussing more advanced use cases and provide ideas on how to integrate SmartMesh IP into your system.

SmartMesh IP Wireless Sensor Network Starter Kit