Linear Technology provides expertise not only on the workings of our parts, but also the larger, often complex problems customers are looking to solve. The Linear Technology Circuit Collection conveniently assembles some of the most popular designs from our data sheets, design notes and application notes. The Linear Technology Blogs offer insights into applications directly from our team of analog gurus - by engineers, for engineers.

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Also see: isolated dc-dc, bipolar split supplies, battery management, led drivers

Linear Technology Blogs – By Engineers, For Engineers

Linear Technology blogs are written by engineers, for engineers.  Posts range from quick circuit tips and techniques, to deep discussions on the operation and theory of Linear Technology parts, to in depth technical discussions on real world customer applications. Topics include:

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Low Noise, Precision Op Amp Drives High Resolution SAR ADCs

Nov 20th 2017
Design Note DN1039: Introduction The LT6018 is an ultralow noise (1.2nV/√Hz at 1kHz) operational amplifier with ultralow distortion (–115dB at 1kHz). It has a gain bandwidth product of 15MHz, maximum offset voltage of 50µV and a maximum offset voltage drift of 0.5µV/°C. This combination of features ...


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The Linear Technology Circuit Collection conveniently assembles some of the most popular designs from our data sheets, design notes and application notes. Simply pick an application or product category and you’ll be presented with circuit schematics you can use to quickly jump start your design. Top circuit collections include:

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Terasic Innovate FPGA Design Contest

Nov 2nd 2017
Welcome to the Innovate FPGA & SoC Design Contest held by Terasic, Analog Devices & Intel. For the past 14 years, this contest has inspired thousands of aspiring engineers to design, to create, and innovate!  Jan 15, 2018 Update: Over 450 teams from around the world have submitted project abstracts for the ...



Linear Technology's videos provide insight into our latest product releases and new applications. Topics for videos include:

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Active Rectifier Controller with Reverse Protection

Dec 20th 2017
  As the current level continues to increase in automotive electronic systems, designers can no longer use conventional blocking Schottky diodes due to high power dissipation and thermal issues. The LT8672 is an active rectifier controller with reverse current protection that can replace the diode. The LT8672 operates ...


Demo Boards

Linear Technology demo boards provide a complete solution that showcases the features of our parts and makes it easy for customers to evaluate system performance.  Demo boards designs can be used as reference designs to jump start your project, or request a board from your local sales representative to evaluate our IC.  Demo board categories include:

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Latest Demo Board

LT8603 Demo Board | 42V, Low IQ, Quad Output Triple Monolithic Buck Converter with Boost Channel as SEPIC

Jan 19th 2018
Demonstration circuit 2469A features the LT®8603 with triple monolithic buck regulators and the boost channel as SEPIC. The demo circuit is designed for 8V, 5V, 3.3V, and 1.8V outputs from a nominal 12V input. The 4th channel is set as a SEPIC converter and its output is regulated at 8V over a wide input range. The two high ...