Wireless Power Transfer

The LTC4120, a high performance wireless receiver and battery charger, serves as the central component of the receiver electronics in a wireless battery charging system. The Linear Technology wireless power system is designed to transmit up to 2W to a battery with a maximum charge current of 400mA. The programmable float voltage of the device accommodates several battery chemistries and configurations. The LTC4120 was developed with technology partner PowerbyProxi, a field-proven technology company focused on providing real world wireless power solutions.

The IC utilizes PowerbyProxi’s patented dynamic harmonization control (DHC) technique that enables high efficiency contactless charging with maximum TX to RX coil distance and misalignment without any of the thermal or overvoltage problems typically associated with wireless power systems. Wireless charging with the LTC4120 enables or improves many different applications. Unlike consumer-oriented solutions following the Qi standard, the LTC4120-based solution addresses the needs of high reliability industrial, military & medical applications. For instance, expensive connectors which become failure-prone in harsh environments can be eliminated. Similarly, wireless charging allows for a completely sealed enclosure for applications that require sterilization. Elimination of wires enables rechargeable batteries to be placed in moving or rotating equipment. Some applications are simply too small to use a conventional connector. Wireless charging can also provide transformerless galvanic isolation for high reliability isolated applications. The LTC4120 provides the ability to charge batteries in applications where it is difficult or impossible to use a connector.

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