USB Power Manager (PowerPath, Battery Charger)

USB charging systems, commonly referred to as PowerPath systems, develop an intermediate voltage between the USB port and the battery. In PowerPath systems, the USB port supplies current to an intermediate voltage, VOUT, via a current-limited switch. VOUT powers both the linear battery charger and the system load with priority going to the system load. By decoupling the battery from the system load, charging can be carried out opportunistically. PowerPath systems also offer instant-on operation because the intermediate voltage is available for system loads as soon as power is applied to the circuit - this allows the end product to operate immediately when plugged in, regardless of the battery’s state of charge.

PowerPath Manager battery management products allow the load to be powered from both VIN and the battery, allow for shorter charging times, feature “instant-on” operation (even with a dead battery) and more flexibility for the portable device designer. Other key features include standalone operation and thermal regulation.

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