Special Function DACs

Linear Technology offers single or dual, 6-bit to 10-bit special function DACs. The product portfolio includes Current Source or Current Sink DACs for programmable current sources and DACs intended for fan speed control applications.

The LTC1428-50, a precise current output DAC is designed to sink 50µA at full scale, ideal for adjustable regulators designed for trim applications on power supplies. The LTC1428-50 has a Triple Mode TM Interface with option to choose between a standard 3-wire mode, 1-wire pulse mode interface (increment-only) and 2-wire pulse mode interface (increment/decrement). The pulse mode interface allows users to increase or decrease the output by sending a single pulse to the device using a push-button control.

The LTC1840 dual, 8-bit, I2C, DAC is intended for fan speed control applications in large systems like network servers, memory arrays, telecom and industrial systems where the fans are powered by switching regulators.

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