Space Qualified Linear Regulators

Linear Technology manufactures a broad range of rugged radiation tolerant (rad hard) voltage  regulators that are ideal for space and military applications. In addition, Linear Technology partners with several outside vendors to provide monolithic packaged and hybrid products of Linear Technology RH DICE.

Linear Technology and AEi Systems have teamed to provide SPICE models and Worst Case Analysis support for our entire range of rad hard products. Click here to visit the AEi website.

EXPORT CONTROL: Linear Technology Radiation-Hardened (RH) products are classified and shipped under EAR99. These commodities, technology or software are controlled by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security.  An export or re-export license may be required for export into certain countries.  In addition, Linear Technology does not  authorize bids or sales of its RH or space level products to any country  for which such products are restricted or banned by  US export restrictions and also does not authorize its RH or space level products for quotation, sales or transfer of related information for end use in, by or for applications in Russia or China.  Please consult the Export Administration Regulations for further guidance.

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