SmartMesh IP

SmartMesh IP Built for 6LoWPAN

SmartMesh IP is built for IP compatibility, and is based on 6LoWPAN and 802.15.4e standards. The SmartMesh IP product line achieves unsurpassed levels of networking resilience, reliability, and scalability with advanced network management and comprehensive security. SmartMesh IP includes breakthrough Eterna™ SoC technology that enables up to 8x lower power consumption than competitive solutions even in harsh, dynamically changing RF environments. Cost effective, IP compatible, and widely applicable, SmartMesh IP serves an extensive range of applications, such as energy management, building automation, renewable energy, and other implementations in smart infrastructure that call for ultra low power.

802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network Solution

SmartMesh IP network managers and 802.15.4 motes (nodes) work together to comprise a complete wireless mesh networking system. Both the network managers and the 802.15.4 motes are available in multiple form-factors:

802.15.4 Motes Network Managers
LTC5800-IPM SmartMesh IP Mote-on-Chip LTC5800-IPR SmartMesh IP Manager-on-Chip
LTP5901-IPM SmartMesh IP Mote Module LTP5901-IPR SmartMesh IP Embedded Manager
LTP5902-IPM SmartMesh IP Mote Module LTP5902-IPR SmartMesh IP Embedded Manager

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