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SmartMesh IP products are wireless chips and pre-certified PCB modules complete with ready-to-deploy wireless mesh networking software. They are built for IP compatibility, and based on the 6LoWPAN, 6TiSCH and 802.15.4e standards. The SmartMesh IP product line enables low power consumption and >99.999% data reliability even in harsh, dynamically changing RF environments. To learn more about SmartMesh benefits and applications, please visit here.

SmartMesh IP Functional Overview

SmartMesh IP Functiona Overview

A SmartMesh IP network consists of a highly scalable self-forming multi-hop mesh of nodes, known as motes, which collect and relay data, and a network manager that monitors and manages network performance and security, and exchanges data with a host application.

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SmartMesh IP Motes

SmartMesh IP Mote Integration

SmartMesh IP Motes are the wireless nodes in a SmartMesh IP network. They connect to sensors/actuators, route data from other motes, and remain low power.

Each node can both send and receive messages (bidirectional data). Each SmartMesh IP node may have a different data reporting rate and the network will automatically coordinate individual pair-wise communications to efficiently route the traffic.

Each node may have different power supply capabilities (e.g. line-, battery-, or energy- harvested power). The network will use power aware routing to load balance traffic accordingly.

With SmartMesh IP motes, the wireless networking software is fully compiled and tested. SmartMesh IP motes have on-board an ARM Cortex-M3 processor that supports customer application software using the SmartMesh IP On-Chip Software Developer Kit. Alternatively, a SmartMesh IP mote may be controlled by an external microprocessor through its serial API interface.

SmartMesh IP Mote technical documents:

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SmartMesh IP Network Managers

SmartMesh IP Network Managers

SmartMesh IP network managers perform two major functions for the mesh network. First they serve as an access point mote, connecting the wireless mesh to control applications. Second, network managers run sophisticated network management algorithms to maintain performance of the network


SmartMesh IP EManager

SmartMesh IP EManager

An EManager, or embedded manager, runs as a Manager-on-Chip™ where both the access point function and the network management algorithms run on board the SmartMesh IP manager node (e.g. LTC5800-IPM)

EManagers support up to 100 motes in the network and are ideal for low power gateway operation.

SmartMesh IP EManager technical documents:

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Hardware Form Factors

SmartMesh IP 802.15.4 nodes are available in chip package, or as pre-RF-certified PCB Assemblies. The function that an 802.15.4 node serves in a SmartMesh IP is defined by the networking software loaded onto the node:


QFN Chip Package

(10mm by 10mm)


The LTC®5800-IPM is the SmartMesh IP System-on-Chip (SoC) integrated circuit, featuring a highly integrated, low power radio design as well as an ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit microprocessor running Dust’s embedded SmartMesh IP networking software.

Learn More about LTC5800-IPM


PCB Assembly with on-board antenna

(24mm by 42mm)


The LTP™5901-IPM is a SmartMesh IP printed circuit board assembly product incorporating the LTC5800-IPM SoC running Dust’s embedded SmartMesh IP networking software. The LTP5901-IPM module comes complete with crystals, an onboard chip antenna and comes with modular RF certifications.

 Learn More about LTP5901-IPM


PCB Assembly with antenna connector

(24mm by 37.5mm)


The LTP™5902-IPM is a SmartMesh IP printed circuit board assembly product incorporating the LTC5800-IPM SoC running Dust’s embedded SmartMesh IP networking software. The LTP5902-IPM module comes complete with crystals, an MMCX antenna connector and comes with modular RF certifications, ready for global deployment. 

Learn More about LTP5902-IPM

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Starter Kits

DC9000B Starter Kit

SmartMesh IP Starter Kits provide all the tools for evaluating SmartMesh® network performance with respect to your application needs, including high reliability, ultralow power, scalability and ease of installation. A Starter Kit comes with 5 nodes and a network manager, and is pre-loaded with SmartMesh IP networking software, so that users may quickly deploy a network in their application environments.

 Learn More about SmartMesh IP Starter Kits

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