PMIC (DC/DC, PowerPath and Battery Charger)

The quickest way to build an efficient power system for a battery-powered portable application is to use an IC that combines all power control functions into a single chip, namely a Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC). PMICs seamlessly manage power flow from various power sources (wall adapters, USB and batteries) to power loads (device systems and the charging battery), while maintaining current limits where required (such as that specified for USB). To this end, PMICs typically feature built-in PowerPath control, DC/DC conversion and battery charging functions. PMICs can be applied in everything from consumer electronics such as MP3 players and Bluetooth headsets to specialized portable medical and industrial equipment.

Power management integrated circuits (PMICs) address battery charging and provide multiple system rails in portable products. PowerPath control allows seamless transitions and manages power flow between input sources such as a wall adapter, USB port and Lithium battery while preferentially providing power to the system load. Highly efficient switchmode power and battery management enables higher charge currents from both wall adapter and USB-based power sources.

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