PLL Synthesizers & VCOs

Linear Technology’s new ultralow noise, integer-N PLL synthesizers provide best-in-class phase noise and the industry’s lowest spurious performance. The LTC6946 is a complete frequency synthesizer that includes a high performance, low noise, 5.7GHz phase-locked loop (PLL) with a fully integrated, low phase noise VCO that requires no external components. The VCO is internally calibrated to the correct output frequency with no external system support. An internal ultralow noise charge pump contains selectable high and low voltage clamps useful for VCO monitoring. The LTC6945 separates the low 1/f corner PLL core for use with an external VCO up to 6GHz. A programmable 1:6 output divider is included to provide a wide operating frequency range.

The free, easy-to-use PLLWizard™ CAD tool quickly and accurately simulates PLL synthesizer performance to ensure an optimal design. PLLWizard software offers advanced PLL synthesizer design and simulation capabilities. You may use it to design noise-optimized loop filters, simulate loop frequency response and stability, simulate VCO and Reference source noise, and simulate output noise characteristics and statistics. Click here to download PLLWizard

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