Linear Technology’s Interface products encompass a wide variety of industry-standard communication devices, including RS485 transceivers that enable long-range equipment communication, to I2C/SMBus digital interface devices that improve inter-chip communication. Our RS485, RS232, multiprotocol and CAN transceivers easily support today’s fastest data rates, high node count, and low voltage supplies, while high ESD, failsafe, fault-protection and galvanic isolation all increase system reliability. Profibus (Process Field Bus) compatible devices easily meet the robust requirements of fieldbus solutions in factory and process automation environments. The I2C/SMBus bus buffers, multiplexers, rise time accelerators and isolators help digital systems meet specific I2C bus requirements, such as maximum bus capacitance and rise times, using unique features like selectable rise time acceleration strength and stuck bus recovery.

Linear Technology’s growing family of Isolated µModule Transceivers provide at least 2500VRMS of galvanic isolation for a variety of interface protocols, including RS485/RS422, Profibus and RS232. In environments where high voltages are present, electrical isolation from the communication bus to logic controllers is regularly employed for human safety and equipment protection. The devices provide uninterrupted communication through high voltage transient events that exceed 30kV/µs. These highly integrated, self-powered devices require no external components, and offer up to 65% efficiency. Following recommended layout guidelines, these low EMI devices pass Class B emissions testing.

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