General Purpose SAR ADCs

Linear Technology offers a wide range of general purpose successive approximation register (SAR) analog to digital converters with sample rates up to 15Msps with no latency operation. Resolutions offered range from as low as 8 bits up to our industry leading 20-bit and 24-bit SAR ADCs, from single channel to multiplexed/simultaneous sampling ADCs with parallel and serial interfaces.

Linear Technology’s portfolio of SAR ADC offers fully tested and guaranteed AC and DC specifications which result in improved production yield and performance in the end product. Our latest 20-bit and 24-bit SAR ADCs offer excellent DC performance including outstanding INL and DNL and very low offset and gain error. Better than 104dB SNR is achieved at 20 bits, along with guaranteed SFDR and THD performance over the full temperature range. The high resolution 24-bit SAR ADCs offer an integrated digital filter which enables true 24-bit dynamic range of 145dB with an output data rate of 30.5sps, and 101dB at 1.5Msps. In addition to offering very low power consumption, the longer acquisition times of these ADCs enable pairing with slower speed ADC drivers to save power and cost.

Each ADC is supported with a demo system and evaluation software, that demonstrate correct layout and recommended device selection to achieve the highest performance design. The free, easy-to-use, and powerful QuikEval and PScope data acquisition and analysis software tools enable users to evaluate the performance of Linear Technology's data converters, quickly and easily.

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