Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC)

Linear Technology offers a wide range of digital to analog converters (DACs) including voltage output (VOUT) DACs, multiplying DACs/current output (IOUT) DACs, high speed (current steering) DACs and special-function DACs. Resolutions offered range from 8-bit to industry leading 18-bit DACs, from single channel to higher density multichannel DACs with parallel, serial SPI or I2C interfaces. Our DAC portfolio offers unmatched DC performance (INL, DNL, Offset and Gain error) and AC performance (fast settling time, low glitch impulse and crosstalk) with low power consumption and small package sizes. Unique features include integrated high precision references, power-on-reset to zero-scale, mid-scale or Hi-Z options and software selectable output spans (SoftSpan).

Our DACs are supported with demo system and evaluation software that demonstrate correct layout and recommended device selection to achieve the highest performance design. The free, easy-to-use, and powerful QuikEval data acquisition and analysis software tools enable users to evaluate the performance of Linear Technology's data converters, quickly and easily.

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