Clock Generation and Distribution

Whether it is for clock distribution or clock generation with distribution, Linear Technology’s clocking solutions enable designers to solve their clocking problems in an elegant and low noise manner.

The LTC6950 is a low phase noise integer-N synthesizer core with an ultralow jitter clock distribution output section. It is ideal for generating and distributing the low jitter signals that are essential to clocking data converters up to 1.4GHz with high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Maintaining low jitter on a data converter clock is fundamental to achieving outstanding SNR levels when digitizing or synthesizing high analog frequencies.

The LTC6950 incorporates EZSync, which is Linear Technology’s proprietary output synchronization method that helps achieve reliable edge-synchronization on multiple outputs from one or more chips.

We also offer the ClockWizard free simulation and design tool to help design in the LTC6950 and accurately predict the output phase noise and jitter. In addition, ClockWizard can simulate output clock phase relationships based on EZSync settings.

The LTC6957 is a dual-output buffer, driver and logic translator, ideal for converting low frequency sine waves (up to 300MHz) into low phase noise logic-level signals in applications such as Gigabit wireless, gyroscopes, test and measurement, radio and satellite communications, medical imaging and GPS.

The LTC6957 maintains low additive jitter while distributing system clock references or data converter clocks. With jitter directly affecting the SNR performance of data converters, the LTC6957’s minimal jitter contribution is a big plus when choosing it to drive such devices.

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