Voltage Output DACs

Linear Technology offers a large family of resistor string and R-2R voltage output (VOUT) digital to analog converters (DACs). From 8 bits up to 16 bits of resolution, single to octal channels, integrated or external reference, parallel, serial SPI or I2C Interface, with high temperature operation, we have a DAC to suit your application. We offer precision, buffered and unbuffered rail-to-rail VOUT DACs with up to ±1LSB INL and DNL specifications and excellent offset and gain error. Our DACs work well in a wide variety of open-loop or closed-loop systems, adjusting gain, offset and many other signals.

The 16-/12-bit LTC2656 family of quad and octal DACs integrates a precision reference with 10ppm/°C maximum temperature coefficient. The ±4LSB (max) INL, ±1LSB (max) DNL, ±2mV (max) offset error and ±0.1% (max) gain error DC specifications ensure you’re designing with the industry’s best unipolar DACs. The 12-/10-/8-bit LTC2636 DAC family of single to octal DACs offer the smallest solution available on the market today, with an integrated 10ppm/°C (typ) reference and  power-on reset options to zero- scale, mid-scale or Hi-Z. The LTC2641 and LTC2642 family of unbuffered 16-/14-/12-bit VOUT DACs offer fast settling and extremely low glitch that is ideal for AC applications such as waveform generation.

Each DAC is supported with a demo system associated with the free, easy-to-use, and powerful QuikEval data acquisition and analysis software tool that enables users to evaluate the performance of Linear Technology's data converters, quickly and easily.

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