Variable Gain Amplifiers

Widely used in communications and imaging applications such as cellular radio, satellite receivers, global positioning, radar, and ultrasound applications, our family of variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) with accurate variable gain capability offer unmatched performance for the most demanding applications. Gain control options can be digital parallel or serial interface, or continuous analog control for fine adjustment applications.

The LTC6412 is a fully differential variable gain amplifier with linear-in-dB analog gain control. It is designed for AC-coupled operation in IF receiver chains from 1MHz to 500MHz. The part has a constant OIP3 across a wide output amplitude range and across the 31dB gain control range. The output noise (NF + Gain) is also fl at versus gain to provide a uniform spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) >120dB over the full gain control range at 240MHz.

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