Quad or More Supply Monitors

Linear Technology quad supply supervisory circuits offer many benefits that help simplify design, such as high accuracy, adjustable thresholds and tolerances, and a guaranteed RESET signal down to a low supply voltage. Most Linear Technology supervisors exhibit ±1.5% threshold accuracy (±1% for programmable LTC2933 and LTC2936, ±0.75% for LTC2937) around the nominal threshold voltage, minimizing the required system voltage margin and probability of system malfunction. Voltage supervisors with pin or I2C/SMBus adjustable thresholds and tolerances provide users with maximum flexibility, allowing a single part to be used across multiple designs. Some applications require a valid reset signal at low supply voltages in order to prevent low voltage components from generating erroneous data or malfunction as a system powers up or down. Linear Technology supervisors guarantee a valid reset signal to an industry leading low of 0.5V to help preserve system integrity.

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