Pushbutton Controllers

Linear Technology’s pushbutton controllers easily solve the inherent bounce problem associated with all mechanical contacts, while also enabling power supply converters and releasing a processor once the supply is fully powered up. Wide voltage operation, rugged ESD protection, small size, low quiescent current and ease of design distinguish these pushbutton controllers from discrete implementations.

All Linear Technology pushbutton controllers feature a force shutdown failsafe feature in case the microprocessor fails to respond to a pushbutton controller’s request to shut down. The LTC2950 and LTC2951 are basic pushbutton controllers with only a difference in on/off timing parameters, while the LTC2954 is perfect for menu driven applications where interrupt logic is needed. If higher integration is desired, the LTC2952 provides power path control for or automatic switchover between two power sources, while the LTC2953 integrates a voltage monitor with power fail warning for supervisory applications.  For even higher voltage operation, the LTC2955 operates over a wide 1.5V to 36V range, has ±25kV ESD protection, and automatically turns on a system when power is applied from a primary or secondary supply, such as a wall adapter or battery.  Similarly, Linear Technology’s latest pushbutton controller, the LTC2956, is a micropower wake-up timer with pushbutton control that provides configurable wake times for 1.5V to 36V power conscious applications.

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