Precision ADCs (Fs < 10Msps)

Linear Technology's family of precision ADCs is unrivaled in performance and ease of use. With guaranteed resolutions from 8-bit up to 32-bit, multiplexed or simultaneous sampling inputs and flexible parallel or serial interfaces, we offer a data converter for nearly any precision measurement application. 

The successive approximation register (SAR) analog to digital converters offers sample rates up to 15Msps with no latency operation. Resolutions include high accuracy 20-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit SAR ADCs, from single channel to multiplexed/simultaneous sampling ADCs with parallel and serial interfaces. These devices offer excellent DC performance including outstanding INL of up to 0.5ppm and better than 100dB SNR. The low noise 24-bit and 32-bit SAR ADCs integrate configurable digital filters that increase the ADCs dynamic range to 145dB. In addition to offering very low power consumption, the longer acquisition times of the SAR ADCs enable pairing with slower speed ADC drivers to save power and cost.

Our Delta Sigma ADC portfolio offers ultralow noise performance with versions offering line frequency rejection of 50Hz, 60Hz or simultaneous 50Hz/60Hz. The flexibility to select devices with single-ended  and/or differential inputs, ultra-tiny package sizes, internal temperature sensors, PGAs, integrated references and an internal oscillator not only makes finding the perfect ADC easy, but also reduces the number of external components required for space constrained applications. Unique features like the Easy Drive current cancellation technique enables external RC networks and high impedance sensors to directly interface to the Easy Drive ADC family without external amplifiers.  If an external amplifier is used, the ADC automatically calibrates both the offset and drift of this circuit enabling a wide variety of amplifiers to be used.

Each ADC is supported with a demo system and evaluation software that demonstrate correct layout and recommended device selection to achieve the highest performance design. The free and easy-to-use QuikEval and PScope data acquisition and analysis software tools enable users to evaluate the performance of Linear Technology's data converters, quickly and easily. Example C code is provided for select products, and can be evaluated using the DC2026 Linduino code development platform. The Linduino comes preprogrammed to interface directly with QuikEval.

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