Multiprotocol Transceivers

Many applications require switching between the simple, short-range, slow, RS232 standard and the differential, long-range, fast RS485 standard. Linear Technology’s latest RS232/RS485 multiprotocol transceivers are the only parts in the market that not only allow protocol switching, but also allow switching between half-/full-duplex operation and switching on/off termination resistors, both of which minimize physical user intervention when reconfiguring networks. Distinguishing features include 3.3V to 5V operation, up to ±26kV ESD, a logic supply pin and small QFN packages.

Large-scale computing applications typically require more protocols than the RS232 and RS485 protocols found in everyday applications. To support legacy protocols, including V.28 (RS232), V.35, RS449, RS530, RS530-A, V.36 or X.21, Linear Technology’s small 2-chip 3.3V solutions (LTC2846 and LTC2844 or LTC2845) makes it easy to upgrade 5V legacy equipment, such as those using our 2-chip 5V solutions (LTC1546 and LTC1544 or LTC1545). Software-selectable protocol, cable termination, and data terminal equipment (DTE) or data communications equipment (DCE) configuration all provide convenient flexibility in today’s complex systems.

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