Linear Technology’s Isolated Transceivers provide robust galvanic isolation for various digital serial communication interfaces and devices, including SPI, I2C, RS485/RS422, RS232, USB, CAN, data converters and switches.  Isolation barriers are implemented using either inexpensive Ethernet transformers, coupling capacitors or embedded inductors.  All devices are simple to configure and feature very low EMI susceptibility and emissions, as well as high noise immunity, to preserve signal integrity.

For bidirectional I2C communication predominant in large multi-master systems, the LTC4310 isolates two busses using either coupling capacitors for low voltage isolation or a transformer for high voltage isolation.  Other I2C specific features include hot-swappable SDA and SCL lines, voltage level translation, rise time acceleration to help meet standard requirements, and stuck bus disconnect and recovery circuitry to promote autonomous operation.

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