Extended Temperature (H & MP) Timing

Linear Technology offers several options for applications requiring extended temperature operation.

H-grade products offer 100% testing at hot, typically 125ºC or 150ºC as defined in the datasheet. H-grade products are sample tested at cold (-40ºC) with an expanded sample size and zero allowed failures.

Military plastic (MP) grade products provide a COTS (commercial off the shelf) solution with guaranteed performance over extended operating temperatures for use in applications subject to very harsh environmental conditions. MP grade products are 100% tested at hot (125ºC or 150ºC as specified in the datasheet) AND 100% tested at cold (-55ºC). MP products also offer additional inspection, tighter in-process controls, enhanced reliability monitoring and are fully characterized over the military temperature range.

Temp25ºC TestMax Temp TestMin Temp TestDocumentation
C 100% 70°C Sample Test 0°C Sample Test  
E 100% 85°C Sample Test 0°C Sample Test  
I 100% 85°C to 125°C Sample Test –40°C Sample Test  
H 100% 100% Test at 125°C or 150°C –40°C Sample Test
H Grade Portfolio
MP 100% 100% Test at 125°C or 150°C 100% Test at –55°C MP Flowchart
MP Portfolio
MP Brochure

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