Current Output DACs

Linear Technology offers a wide family of high precision, multiplying current output (IOUT) digital to analog converters (DACs) that feature ±1LSB INL and DNL specifications, from 12 bits up to industry leading 18 bits of resolution. Our portfolio of current output R-2R DACs include single and multiple DACs in small packages with parallel, serial SPI or I2C interfaces. Current Output R-2R DACs allow the choice of an external amplifier optimized for specific applications. Current Output R-2R DACs also do not require the reference to be buffered like Voltage Output R-2R DACs, and therefore exhibit high linearity. The SoftSpanTM feature allows software selectable output spans eliminating the need to add precision gain stages and the associated external jumpers, precision resistors, and amplifier circuitry. Integrated precision resistors allow reference inversion, bipolar offset, offset and gain adjustment.

The LTC2756, LTC2757 and LTC2758 are the industry leading single and dual 18-bit current output DACs. The entire LTC275x family of 18-/16-/14-/12-bit DACs feature six unipolar and bipolar output ranges up to ±10V that can be configured via software or pin-strapped. All of these DACs offer outstanding ±1LSB guaranteed INL performance with no calibration requirement.

Each DAC is supported with a demo system that demonstrate correct layout to achieve the highest performance design. The free, easy-to-use, and powerful QuikEval data acquisition and analysis software tools enable users to evaluate the performance of Linear Technology's data converters, quickly and easily.

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