CAN Transceivers

Originally designed for connection of sensors, actuators, and electronic control units (ECUs) in automotive networks, the CAN (controller area network) serial bus has also become increasingly popular in industrial controls and instrumentation networks.  The CAN bus has a well-defined protocol stack, with support for standalone controllers, FPGAs and ASICs, making implementation easier over alternative interfaces, such as RS485.  The ISO-11898:2003 standard specifies differential data transmission and half duplex communication over any cable type (although the use of twisted pair has become best practice) at up to 1Mbps.

Linear Technology offers robust CAN transceivers, featuring high fault and ESD protection to protect busses in noisy environments.  Our latest CAN transceiver, the LTC2875, features ±60V overvoltage fault and ±25kV HBM ESD protection on the data transmission lines, protecting bus pins during operation and shutdown.  The 4Mbps LTC2875 can be powered from either a 3.3V or 5V rail, which is especially useful in industrial applications where a 5V rail may not be present.

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