Wireless for Tough Industrial IoT Applications

SmartMesh® wireless sensor networking products are chips and pre-certified PCB modules complete with mesh networking software, enabling sensors to communicate in tough Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) environments


Customers trust their business-critical sensor data to SmartMesh

The Only Network Built for Industrial IoT

 >99.999% Network Reliability

SmartMesh delivers business-critical data when other RF solutions fail. Industrial applications cannot tolerate even a 1% failure rate, which translates to 3.65 days per year of unscheduled downtime.

 NIST-certified Encryption Security

All data is protected by end-to-end AES 128-bit encryption (message stays secret), message integrity checking (message is unchanged) and message authentication (sender is verified).

 Scalable to 50,000 Nodes

SmartMesh's time-synchronized, channel hopping technology eliminates in-network packet collisions. Network optimization algorithms load-balance traffic to efficiently route data.

 Bi-Directional Communication for Monitoring and Control

Receive sensor data, retrieve log files, configure sensors, control actuators (alarms, locks, valves, HVAC dampers, etc)

 Up to 10 Messages/Second/Node for Data-Intensive Applications

Unlike other wireless solutions, this includes built-in margin for packet retries to sustain the rate even in noisy RF environments.

Engineered for Years of Trouble-Free Operation

 >76,000 Installed Networks

SmartMesh is field proven, with networks in over 120 countries.

 >10 Year Battery Life Enables "No-Wires" Installation

Sensors can be placed anywhere information needs to be gathered.

 No RF Skills or Site Survey Required

Installers do not need specialized RF expertise.

 Worldwide RF License Free Operation

Operation at 2.4 GHz enables development of one product to serve the global market.

 Diagnostics Provide Visibility to Network Performance

Network self-monitors and self-heals.

 Built-In Self-Optimization

SmartMesh proactively maintains reliability, reduces latency and minimizes power consumption in changing RF conditions.

 Over-The-Air Software Updates

Wirelessly update software of nodes deployed in the field.

Complete Networking Software Speeds Time to Market

 No Network Software Stack Development Required

Developers can focus on sensor and application development, knowing that SmartMesh automatically maintains the network integrity and quality of service.

 >1M Node-Hours Network Stack Testing

Network software is verified under real-life stress conditions, such as RF interference, heavy data traffic, environmental extremes, and multiple co-located networks.

 Comprehensive API Simplifies Development

Software application programming interfaces (APIs) provide access to network configuration and performance statistics.

 User-Programmable ARM Cortex-M3

SmartMesh IP wireless nodes support On-Chip application software development.

 Wireless Standards Compliant

SmartMesh IP is compliant to 6LoWPAN, making sensor data easily cloud-accessible. SmartMesh WirelessHART products interoperate with WirelessHART devices from other vendors.

Choose the solution that's right for you

SmartMesh IP™

The SmartMesh IP solution is highly scalable and well-suited for a wide range of applications. It delivers high reliability and low power consumption even in harsh, dynamically changing RF environments.

Choose SmartMesh IP for:

  • Most industrial wireless sensor network applications
  • Compliance to the 6LoWPAN standard

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SmartMesh WirelessHART

SmartMesh WirelessHART offers the lowest power consumption in its class and is the most widely used WirelessHART (IEC62591) standard compliant product available.

Choose SmartMesh WirelessHART for:

  • Interoperability with WirelessHART field devices/sensors

Learn more about SmartMesh WirelessHART

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