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LT Journal Dual Output Monolithic Supply with Integrated 3A Power Switches and Operation to 2.5MHz in a 7mm × 4mm DFN Apr 24th, 2012 LTJournal-V22N1-02-df-LT8582-MehdiAlimadadi.pdf
LT Journal Two High Power Monolithic Switching Regulators Include Integrated 6A, 42V or 3.3A, 42V Power Switches Jan 18th, 2011 LTJournal-V20N4-03-df-LT3579_81-Matt_Topp.pdf
LT Journal June 2009 - Space-Saving, Dual Output DC/DC Converter Yields Plus/Minus Voltage Outputs with (Optional) I2C Programming Jun 1st, 2009 LTMag-V19N2-07-LT3582-MatthewWich.pdf
LT Journal January 2009 - ±32V Triple-Output Supply for LCDs, CCDs and LEDs Includes Fault Protection in a 3mm × 3mm QFN Jan 1st, 2009 LTMag-V18N4-05-LT3587-Eko_Lisuwandi.pdf
LT Journal September 2008 - Complete Power Solution for Digital Cameras and Other Complex Compact Portable Applications Sep 23rd, 2008 LTMag-V18N03-12-LT3587-BrianShaffer.pdf
LT Journal September 2008 - 5-Output High Current Power Supply for TFT-LCDs in a Low Profile QFN Features Space-Saving 2MHz Switching Regulators Sep 23rd, 2008 LTMag-V18N03-10-LT3513-KevinHuang.pdf
LT Journal Jan 2008 - Internal 2A, 42V Switch, Adjustable 2.5MHz Operating Frequency and 3mm × 3mm Package Allow Boost Regulator to Fit Numerous Applications Jan 14th, 2008 LTMag-V17N04-02-LT3580-MWich.pdf
LT Journal Oct 2007 - White LED Driver and OLED Driver with Integrated Schottkys and Output Disconnect in 3mm x 2mm DFN Oct 16th, 2007 LTMag-V17N03-07-LT3498-Wei.pdf
LT Journal Sep 2006 J-FET-Based DC/DC Converter Starts and Runs from 300mV Supply Nov 22nd, 2006 LTMag-V16N03-13-J_FET_Supply-Williams.pdf
LT Journal Sep 2006 CCD Bias Supply Integrates “Output Disconnect,” Schottkys and Feedback Resistors Nov 22nd, 2006 LTMag-V16N03-04-LT3487-Rosales.pdf
LT Journal Dec 2005 Multi-Output Supply Drives White LEDs, Provides LCD or OLED Bias in a 3mm x 3mm DFN Package Mar 28th, 2006 LTMag-V15N04-14-LT3466-1-Thandi.pdf
LT Journal Sep 2005 OLED Driver with Output Disconnect and Automatic Burst Mode Improves Standby Mode Efficiency Sep 1st, 2005 2005_09-18-LT3473-Kim.pdf
LT Journal Sep 2005 Dual Switching Converter Provides Two Outputs of Any Polarity Sep 1st, 2005 2005_09-16-LT3471-Rosales.pdf
LT Journal May 2005 - Single Converter Provides Positive and Negative Supplies Jun 10th, 2005 2005-05_12_LT3472_Rosales.pdf
LT Journal August 2004 - 1.1A Boost Provides Soft-Start Capability in Tiny ThinSOT Package Mar 25th, 2005 V14N03-Adolf.pdf
LT Journal November 2004 - Tiny, Low Noise Boost and Inverter Solutions Mar 25th, 2005 04_11-13-LT346x-Young.pdf
LT Journal November 2004 - Compact Power Supply Drives TFT-LCD and LED Backlight Mar 25th, 2005 04_11-12-LT1942-Zhou.pdf
LT Journal May 2004 Triple Output LCD Power Supply Delivers 95% Efficiency from a Tiny 3mm x 3mm Package May 1st, 2004 LTC3450_0504_Mag.pdf
LT Journal May 2004 LCD Power Supply Provides ±15V Plus LED Driver May 1st, 2004 LT3463_0504_Mag.pdf
LT Journal May 2004 Boost Converter Drives 1A White LEDs May 1st, 2004 LT3436_0504_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Feb 2004 Efficient, Flexible Boost Converter Fits into Charge-Pump Footprint Feb 1st, 2004 LTC3459_0204_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Feb 2004 A Compact and Power Efficient CCFL Controller for Handheld Devices Feb 1st, 2004 LTC1697_0204_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Feb 2004 Quad Output Switching Regulator Powers Large TFT Displays Feb 1st, 2004 LT1943_0204_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Sep 2003 Micropower SOT-23 Boost with Integrated Schottky Diode Provides Output Disconnect and Short Circuit Protection Sep 1st, 2003 LT3464_0903_Mag.pdf
LT Journal May 2002 Small, Portable Altimeter Operates from a Single Cell May 1st, 2002 Design Idea_Portable Altimeter_May02_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Mar 2002 1.2MHz and 2.7MHz, 1.5A Boost Converters Drive Big LCDs, LEDs Mar 1st, 2002 Design Idea_LT1946_Mar02_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Dec 2001 Simple and Efficient Way to Provide Three Supply Voltages for Small TFT LCDs Dec 1st, 2001 LT1944-1_1201_Mag.pdf
LT Journal May 2001 High Power Desktop CCFL Controller Enables Wide Dimming Ratios while Maximizing Lamp Lifetime May 1st, 2001 LT1768_0501_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Feb 2001 Current-Limited DC/DC Converter Simplifies USB Power Supplies Feb 1st, 2001 LT1618_0201_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Sep 2000 Inverting Switching Regulator Delivers High Current/Low Noise Outputs in a SOT-23 Sep 1st, 2000 LT1931_0900_Mag.pdf
LT Journal May 2000 SOT-23 Switching Regulator with Integrated 1 Amp Switch Delivers High Current Outputs May 1st, 2000 LT1930_0500_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Sep 1999 SMBus Controlled CCFL Power Supply Sep 1st, 1999 SMBus_0999_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Sep 1999 Micropower 5-Lead SOT-23 Switching Regulators Extend Battery Life in Space-Sensitive Applications Sep 1st, 1999 LT1615_0999_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Feb 1999 SOT-23 Switching Regulators Deliver Low Noise Outputs in a Small Footprint Feb 1st, 1999 LT1611_0299_Mag.pdf
LT Journal Feb 1998 Micropower 600kHz Fixed-Frequency DC/DC Converters Step Up from a 1-Cell or 2-Cell Battery Feb 1st, 1998 LT1308_0298_Mag.pdf