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Application Note AN126 - 2-Wire Virtual Remote Sensing for Voltage Regulators - Clairvoyance Marries Remote Sensing Oct 1st, 2010 an126fa.pdf
Application Note AN118 - High Voltage, Low Noise, DC/DC Converters Mar 28th, 2008 an118fa.pdf
Application Note AN92 - Bias Voltage and Current Sense Circuits for Avalanche Photodiodes Nov 1st, 2002 an92f.pdf
Application Note AN85 - Low Noise Varactor Biasing with Switching Regulators: Vanquishing Villainous Vitiators Vis-à-Vis Vital Varactors Aug 1st, 2000 an85.pdf
Application Note AN84 - Linear Technology Magazine Circuit Collection, Volume IV Apr 1st, 2000 an84f.pdf
Application Note AN81 - Ultracompact LCD Backlight Inverters Sep 1st, 1999 an81f.pdf
Application Note AN67 - Linear Technology Magazine Circuit Collection, Volume III Sep 1st, 1996 an67f.pdf
Application Note AN65 - A Fourth Generation of LCD Backlight Technology Nov 1st, 1995 an65fa.pdf
Application Note AN61 - Practical Circuitry for Measurement and Control Problems Aug 1st, 1994 an61fa.pdf
Application Note AN59 - Applications of the LT1300 and LT1301 Micropower DC/DC Converters Jan 1st, 1994 an59.pdf