Linear Technology Design Partners

Linear Technology works with third party design partners around the world to assist with customer designs. These third party's bring expertise in designing with Linear Technology products and can speed up time to market when in house resources are not available.  Linear Technology does not verify the designs of third party design houses nor do we guarantee the performance of their circuits. Linear Technology assumes no liability for the work of third party design houses.

Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting (Boston Area, USA)


Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Inc. specializes in the architecture, development, design, and implementation of high technology electronics products. Orchid provides precision analog design, power supply design, low noise circuit design, full circuit board schematic capture design and layout, firmware and driver development, component procurement, prototype circuit board assembly, and prototype circuit board evaluation and checkout. The list below shows a small sampling of our product development work:


  • Precision 24-bit analog design
  • Brushless motor control design
  • High performance video design
  • Industrial controller and network communications design
  • Wireless radio design 802.15.4
  • Precision thermoucouple circuit design
  • High micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) sensor design
  • High bandwidth digital design
  • Power System Design
  • Battery Charger and Handheld Design
  • Professional Audio Design
  • Power Supplies & Modules
  • Medical Product Design


Verde Designs (Arizona, USA)


Verde Designs is a design and manufacturing company that specializes in solid-state lighting solutions. At Verde Designs, “The Evolution of Light” begins with our creative team of design, mechanical, thermal, optical, and electronic engineers. We design “radical and daring” lighting solutions for both retrofit light bulbs and distinctive, energy-efficient luminaries:


  • AC to DC LED Drivers
  • DC to DC LED Drivers
  • Mechanical, thermal and optical design


Verde Designs specializes in innovative solid state lighting, offering both standard and custom solutions



Applied Logix (New York, USA)


AppliedLogix provides comprehensive precision analog, power conversion and low power design services for a wide range of products requiring embedded hardware and software. From its inception in 2006, the success of the AppliedLogix team in the marketplace has been built upon design principles and processes that stress the fundamentals of signal integrity, power integrity and EMC compliance.


  • Medical Devices (Battery powered hand held devices, Low level signal recovery and detection, Analysis of safety critical electronic systems, Compliance to IEC 60601, including FMEAs and hazards analysis, Low power wireless connectivity)
  • Alternative Energy (Fuel cell control and power conversion systems, Solar power conversion systems, Extremely low power energy harvesting systems, Low power wireless design and development)
  • Transportation (Alternative automotive fuel control systems, AUTOSAR automotive RTOS deployment, Railway wayside display/control systems, Railway carborne control systems)
  • Image Processing (Hardware accelerated FPGA pipelines, Multi-core processing pipelines, Raster image processing servers)
  • High Efficiency Power Conversion (High power (> 500W) battery chargers, High power & high brightness LED drivers, EMC consulting & compliance)