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Tony Bonte - Design Manager


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Blog Shutdown with the LT3080x Current Source Reference Linear Regulators Jan 21st, 2016
Blog Output Voltage Noise Measurements for Linear Regulators Sep 20th, 2014
Blog Linear Regulator Frequently Asked Questions: What Is Current Limit Foldback? Jul 11th, 2013
LT Journal Mar 2003 Very Low Dropout (VLDO) Linear Regulator Outperforms Switching Regulators in Low Vout Applications Mar 1st, 2003
Design Note DN157 - UltraFast Linear Regulator Eliminates All Bulk Tantalum and Electrolytic Output Capacitors Jun 5th, 1997
Design Note DN99 - Floating CCFL with Dual Polarity Contrast Mar 1st, 1995
Design Note DN62 - No Design Offline Power Supply Jul 1st, 1992