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Sam Young - Applications Engineer


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LT Journal Ultrathin Triple Output µModule Regulator for DDR, QDR and QDR-IV SRAM Fits 0.5cm2 Area and Backside of PCB Aug 11th, 2016
Blog Ultrathin Triple Output μModule Regulator for DDR, QDR and QDR-IV SRAM Fits 0.5cm2 Area and Backside of PCB Apr 18th, 2016
Article Place DC/DC Regulators on Backside of PCB to Clear Room on the Topside for Digital ICs Feb 3rd, 2016
Blog Ultrathin Dual 2.5A or Single 5A μModule Regulator Fits on the Backside of PCBs, Allowing Space on the Topside for Digital ICs Nov 23rd, 2015
Blog Signal Level Shifting with μModule Regulator for Positive-to-Negative Inverting Appliications Sep 3rd, 2015
Video LTM4644 TechClips - Efficiency and Thermal Performance Apr 13th, 2014
Video LTM4624 TechClips - Efficiency, Thermal and Load Transient Performance Apr 13th, 2014
LT Journal Complete 20V, 20A High Performance µModule DC/DC Regulator in 15mm × 15mm × 4.32mm Package Jan 6th, 2014
Video LTpowerCAD: A Design Tool for Switching Regulators Oct 1st, 2013
LT Journal March 2009 - uModule Regulator Fits a (Nearly) Complete Buck-Boost Solution in 15mm × 15mm × 2.8mm for 4.5V–36V VIN to 0.8V–34V VOUT Mar 1st, 2009
LT Journal Jan 2009 - Ultralow Noise 15mm ×15mm × 2.8mm uModule Step-Down Regulators Meet the Class B of CISPR 22 and Yield High Efficiency at up to 36VIN Jan 1st, 2009
LT Journal September 2008 - Low Voltage, High Current Step-Down uModule Regulators Put a (Nearly) Complete Power Supply in a 15mm × 9mm × 2.8mm Package Sep 23rd, 2008