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Sam Nork - Boston Design Center Manager


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Blog Active Battery Cell Balancing Aug 18th, 2016
Blog Passive Battery Cell Balancing Aug 18th, 2016
Article Nanopower IoT Power Supply Accurately Monitors Battery Discharge Jul 11th, 2016
Blog Supercap Backup Circuit Provides Reliable Uninterrupted Power Sep 29th, 2014
LT Journal September 2008 - New Family of Integrated Power Controllers Combine Fast Battery Charging, PowerPath Control and Efficient DC/DC Converters in Less Than 20mm2 Sep 23rd, 2008
Design Note DN243 - New Charge Pumps Offer Low Input and Output Noise Nov 1st, 2001
Design Note DN189 - Step-Up/Step-Down DC/DC Conversion Without Inductors Sep 2nd, 1998
Design Note DN142 - Ultralow Quiescent Current DC/DC Converters for Light Load Applications Nov 1st, 1996