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Mitchell Lee - Applications Engineer


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LT Journal Simple, Fast Pulse Source Outpaces Expensive Lab Equipment Aug 11th, 2016
Blog LTspice: Using Time-Dependent Exponential Sources to Model Transients May 15th, 2016
LT Journal Simplify Small Solar Systems with Hysteretic Controller Jul 7th, 2015
LT Journal Ideal Diode Combines 200V Busses Apr 9th, 2014
Design Note DN397 - AdvancedTCA Hot Swap Controller Monitors Power Distribution Aug 31st, 2006
Design Note DN363 - Replace ORing Diodes with MOSFETs to Reduce Heat and Save Space Mar 25th, 2005
Design Note DN353 - AdvancedTCA Hot Swap Controller Eases Power Distribution Dec 1st, 2004
Design Note DN346 - PCI Express Power and Mini Card Solutions Sep 3rd, 2004
Design Note DN319 - Low Voltage Hot Swap Controller Ignores Backplane Noise and Surges Sep 1st, 2003
LT Journal Mar 2003 - Hot Swap Controller For -48V Offers Comprehensive Protection for Telecom Systems Mar 1st, 2003
LT Journal May 2001 Ramp Three Supplies with a Supply Monitor and Hot Swap Controller May 1st, 2001
Design Note DN228 - Isolated RS485 Transceiver Breaks Ground Loops Apr 2nd, 2001
LT Journal Feb 2001 48V Hot Swap Circuit Blocks Reverse Battery Voltage Feb 1st, 2001
LT Journal Nov 1999 Isolated RS485 Transceiver Breaks Ground Loops Nov 1st, 1999
Application Note AN82 - Understanding and Applying Voltage References Nov 1st, 1999
LT Journal May 1998 Positive-to-Negative Converter Powers –48V Telecom Circuits May 1st, 1998
LT Journal May 1998 High Isolation Converter Uses Off-the-Shelf Magnetics May 1st, 1998
LT Journal Feb 1998 Zero-Bias Detector Yields High Sensitivity with Nanopower Consumption Feb 1st, 1998
Design Note DN170 - Battery Backup Regulator is Glitch-Free and Low Dropout Dec 1st, 1997
Design Note DN163 - 1µA Op Amp Permits Precision Portable Circuitry Sep 2nd, 1997
Design Note DN125 - Monolithic DC/DC Converters Break Speed Limits to Shrink Board Space Mar 2nd, 1996
Design Note DN121 - New Micropower, Low Dropout Regulators Ease Battery Supply Designs Jan 5th, 1996
Design Note DN117 - 70mOhm Protected Load Management Switch Nov 1st, 1995
Design Note DN109 - Micropower Buck/Boost Circuits, Part 1: Converting Three Cells to 3.3V* Aug 1st, 1995
Design Note DN97 - Flash Memory VPP Generator Reference Designs Feb 1st, 1995
Design Note DN87 - Fast Regulator Paces High Performance Processors Oct 1st, 1994
Design Note DN86 - Ultra-Low Power, High Efficiency DC/DC Converter Operates Outside the Audio Band Sep 1st, 1994
Design Note DN82 - 5V to 3.3V Regulator with Fail-Safe Switchover May 1st, 1994
Design Note DN74 - Techniques for Deriving 3.3V from 5V Supplies Sep 1st, 1993
Application Note AN58 - 5V to 3.3V Converters for Microprocessor Systems Sep 1st, 1993
Design Note DN50 - High Frequency Amplifier Evaluation Board Jan 1st, 1991
Design Note DN110 - Micropower Buck/Boost Circuits, Part 2: Converting Four Cells to 5V* Aug 1st, 1988