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Mark Thoren - Staff Scientist


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Application Note AN167 - Buffered ADC Family Eliminates Signal Conditioning Complexity Sep 20th, 2017
Video 32 Bit Over-Sampling ADC with Configurable Digital Filter May 15th, 2017
Blog Testing Data Converters with the Arrow / Altera SoCkit FPGA Board Jan 3rd, 2017
Blog Common Questions About the LTC2668 Family of 16bit VOUT DACs Apr 19th, 2016
Blog Accurate, Fast Settling Analog Voltages from Digital PWM Signals Mar 17th, 2015
Design Note DN538 - Accurate, Fast Settling Analog Voltages from Digital PWM Signals Mar 17th, 2015
Blog Understanding Power Monitor Accuracy Feb 20th, 2015
Video 16-Channel, 16/12-Bit Voltage Output DACs in a Tiny 6mm x 6mm Package Jun 6th, 2014
Video 80V Wide Range I2C Power Monitor Simplifies Challenging System Monitoring Tasks Mar 20th, 2013
Blog Fixing a Leader LPS151 Power Supply Feb 4th, 2013
Video True 18-Bit DAC for Extreme Precision Applications - LTC2757 Mar 15th, 2010
Design Note DN456 - Digitize a $1000 Sensor with a $1 Analog-to-Digital Converter Oct 3rd, 2008
Video How To Make A Thermocouple Meter With The LTC2492 Sep 15th, 2008
Design Note DN448 - 12-bit DAC in TSOT-23 Includes Bidirectional REF Pin for Connection to Op Amp or External High Precision Reference Aug 25th, 2008
Video Build Your Own Laboratory Precision Voltage Source - LT1236, LT1881, LT1010, LT1017 Jun 15th, 2008
LT Journal Mar 2007 - Easy Drive Delta-Sigma ADCs Deliver Powerful Features and Reduce Design Effort Jan 28th, 2008
Design Note DN431 - Highly Integrated Quad 16-Bit, SoftSpan, Voltage Output DAC for Industrial and Control Applications Dec 5th, 2007
Design Note DN421 - An Easy Way to Add Auxiliary Control Functions to Hot Swap Cards Jul 18th, 2007
LT Journal Jun 2007 - 12-,10-, and 8-Bit DACs with Integrated 10ppm/°C Reference in 2mm x 2.1mm SC70 Jun 14th, 2007
Application Note AN112 - Developments in Battery Stack Voltage Measurement Mar 2nd, 2007
Design Note DN400 - True Rail-to-Rail, High Input Impedance ADC Simplifies Precision Measurements Oct 4th, 2006
Design Note DN379 - Easy Drive ADCs Simplify Measurement of High Impedance Sensors Oct 26th, 2005
LT Journal Sep 2005 Connect High Impedance Sensors Directly to an Easy Drive Delta Sigma ADC Sep 1st, 2005
Application Note AN96 - Delta Sigma ADC Bridge Measurement Techniques Jan 17th, 2005
LT Journal Aug 2002 Use a Single Input to Acquire Two Similar Signals Simultaneously and Other AC Techniques for the LTC1864 Aug 9th, 2004
Design Note DN341 - 16-Bit ADC Simplifies Current Measurements Jul 1st, 2004