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Kurk Mathews - Applications Engineer


Type Title Date ▴
Video Design a Simple, Efficient and Reliable Forward Converter Jun 14th, 2012
Application Note AN126 - 2-Wire Virtual Remote Sensing for Voltage Regulators - Clairvoyance Marries Remote Sensing Oct 1st, 2010
Design Note DN377 - Isolated Converters Have Buck Simplicity and Performance Oct 3rd, 2005
Design Note DN261 - Chip Set Offers Low Cost Alternative to 48V Telecom Modules Jul 1st, 2001
LT Journal Sep 2000 LT1619 Boost Controller Provides Efficient Solutions for Low Voltage Inputs Sep 1st, 2000
LT Journal May 1998 Wide-Input-Range, Low Voltage Flyback Regulator May 1st, 1998
Design Note DN158 - Isolated DC/DC Conversion with the LT1425 Jul 1st, 1997
Design Note DN143 - Single IC, Power Factor Corrected, Off-Line Supply Dec 1st, 1996