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Kris Lokere - Strategic Applications Manager


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Blog LTspice: Simulating SAR ADC Analog Inputs Sep 19th, 2017
LT Journal Low Noise, Precision Op Amp Drives High Resolution SAR ADCs Jul 11th, 2017
Blog Wireless Current Sense Circuit Floats with Sense Resistor Apr 25th, 2017
Design Note DN1039 - Low Noise, Precision Op Amp Drives High Resolution SAR ADCs Aug 23rd, 2016
Blog High-Voltage Amplifier Extends Coulomb Counter Range to +/-270V Jan 22nd, 2016
Blog Precision Op Amp Enables Fast Multiplexing at Low Power Jan 23rd, 2015
Design Note DN536 - Precision Op Amp Enables Fast Multiplexing at Low Power Jan 23rd, 2015
Video Low Power Precision Op Amp Allows Fast, Accurate Multiplexing Nov 19th, 2014
LT Journal Wireless Precision Temperature Sensor Powers Itself, Forms Own Network, Enabling Easy Deployment in Industrial Environments Jul 1st, 2014
Blog LTspice: SAR ADC Driver Interface Apr 3rd, 2014
Video Single-Ended to Differential Conversion Using Differential Op Amps Jan 13th, 2014
LT Journal Precision Fully Differential Op Amp Drives High Resolution ADCs at Low Power Jan 6th, 2014
Video LTspice: Stability of Op Amp Circuits Nov 6th, 2013
Blog Can You Use the Voltage Reference to Power Your ADC Driver? Jul 11th, 2013
Blog Can a Slow, Precision Op Amp Drive a Fast 18-bit SAR ADC? Mar 4th, 2013
Blog Offset Adjust for a Differential Op Amp Driving an ADC Feb 4th, 2013
Design Note DN1023 - Precision Matched Resistors Automatically Improve Differential Amplifier CMRR – Here’s How Mar 21st, 2012
LT Journal June 2008 - Dual ADC Driver with Tightly Matched Gain and Phase Raises Quadrature Demodulation Performance Jun 23rd, 2008
LT Journal Jun 2007 - SiGe Differential Amplifier Drives High Speed ADCs at Hundreds of MHz Jun 14th, 2007
LT Journal Dec 2002 2500V/µs Slew Rate Op Amps Process Large Signals with Low Distortion at High Frequencies Dec 1st, 2002
LT Journal May 2001 LT1815: 220MHz, 1500V/µs Amplifier Saves Space and Power May 1st, 2001
LT Journal May 2000 Dual Operational Amplifier Combines 16-Bit Precision with High Speed May 1st, 2000