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Keith Szolusha - Applications Engineering Section Leader

Keith Szolusha has worked for Linear for over 15 years as an applications engineer and now as an applications engineering section leader that manages a small team of applications engineers. His primary responsibilities include applications design and testing for LED drivers, and buck-boost voltage regulators and battery chargers. His work on LED drivers includes high current automotive applications, flicker-free PWM dimming, EMI testing and reduction, and exploring new topologies and functions. He has over fifty publications in LT Journal and trade magazines and 7 DC/DC converter and LED driver patents granted or pending.
Keith graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA with his bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering.
In addition to the articles below, Keith has written extensively in EDN ("Buck Regulator and Two Inductors Make Dual-Polarity Converter" and 7 others), Electronic Design ("Drivers Light the Way For LED Headlights" and 6 more), and Auto Electronics ("Selecting Optimum Drivers For Maximizing Solid-State LED Lighting Performance").


Type Title Date ▴
LT Journal 60V Synchronous, Low EMI Buck-Boost for High Power and High Efficiency Jan 17th, 2017
Video Low EMI LED Driver with Synchronous Internal 2A Switches Nov 17th, 2016
Blog Low EMI LED Driver Features 2A, 40V, Integrated, Synchronous Switches for Automotive Lighting Oct 12th, 2016
Article Synchronous, Low EMI LED Driver Features Integrated Switches and Internal PWM Aug 18th, 2016
LT Journal Synchronous, Low EMI LED Driver Features Integrated Switches and Internal PWM Dimming Aug 10th, 2016
Article Create Colorful and Bright LED Light with an LED Matrix Dimmer Jul 11th, 2016
Blog 60V Buck-Boost LED Driver with Up to 98% Efficiency Has Internal PWM Dimming and Spread Spectrum Feb 26th, 2016
LT Journal Matrix LED Dimmer Enables Accurate Color Control and Pattern Production in RGBW LEDs Feb 8th, 2016
LT Journal Buck-Boost LED Driver Reaches 98% Efficiency, Features Internal PWM Dimming and Spread Spectrum without Flicker Feb 8th, 2016
Video 60V 8-Switch Matrix LED Dimmer Nov 10th, 2015
LT Journal Control Individual LEDs in Matrix Headlights with Integrated 8-Switch Flicker-Free Driver (LT3965) Oct 30th, 2015
LT Journal One LED Driver Is All You Need for Automotive LED Headlight Clusters (LT3795) Jul 7th, 2015
LT Journal Can’t Find the Right Synchronous Boost LED Driver? Use a Synchronous Buck Converter Instead: Boost Mode Topology Drives 25V, 3A LEDs from 12V Apr 7th, 2015
LT Journal Boost-Buck LED Driver Topology for Automotive LEDs Operates with Low Input and Output Ripple (LT3952) Apr 7th, 2015
Video 60V LED Driver with Internal 4A Switch for Automotive Lighting Mar 31st, 2015
LT Journal Hundreds of Watts, 60V In or Out: Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost Converter is Easy to Parallel to Minimize Temperature Rise Jan 22nd, 2015
Circuit LT3790 240W High Efficiency Parallel Buck-Boost Regulator Jan 5th, 2015
Video High Power Three-Channel LED Driver Oct 27th, 2014
LT Journal High Performance Portable DC Bench Power Supply: Save Money and Free Up Bench Real Estate by Building Your Own Jul 1st, 2014
LT Journal Boost-then‑Buck LED Drivers Enable Wide PWM Dimming Range with Wide-Ranging Input Voltages (LT3797) Apr 9th, 2014
Blog 80V Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller Delivers Hundreds of Watts with 99% Efficiency Apr 2nd, 2014
Video Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation Reduces Automotive LED Driver EMI Dec 30th, 2013
Blog Meet Green Standards in 24VAC and 12VAC Lighting Systems: Replace Halogen Bulbs with LEDs Driven by High Power Factor, High Efficiency Converter Oct 17th, 2013
LT Journal Meet Green Standards in 24VAC and 12VAC Lighting Systems: Replace Halogen Bulbs with LEDs Driven by High Power Factor, High Efficiency Converter Oct 9th, 2013
LT Journal LED Driver with Integrated Spread Spectrum Reduces EMI without Adding Flicker (LT3795) Oct 9th, 2013
Design Note DN521 - 80V Synchronous 4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller Delivers Hundreds of Watts with 99% Efficiency Sep 30th, 2013
LT Journal Accurate PWM LED Dimming without External Signal Generators, Clocks or µControllers Oct 18th, 2012
LT Journal 60V, 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller Regulates Voltage from Wide Ranging Inputs and Charges Batteries at 98.5% Efficiency at 100W+ Oct 18th, 2012
Video 60V, 98% Efficient, 4-Switch Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller IC Drives LEDs, Regulates Voltage and Charges Batteries Mar 20th, 2012
Design Note DN501 - 60V Buck-Boost Controller Drives High Power LEDs, Charges Batteries and Regulates Voltage with Up to 98.5% Efficiency at 100W and Higher Mar 9th, 2012
LT Journal September 2009 - 4W LED Driver Includes Power Switch, Compensation Components and Schottky in 16-Pin MSOP Sep 1st, 2009
Design Note DN461 - 100V Controller Drives High Power LED Strings from Just about Any Input Feb 20th, 2009
LT Journal Mar 2007 - 36V Dual 1.4A Monolithic Step-Down Converter has Start-Up Tracking and Sequencing Jan 28th, 2008
LT Journal Oct 2007 - 16-Channel LED Driver Drives up to 160 White LEDs with 5000:1 PWM Dimming Oct 16th, 2007
LT Journal June 2006 Dual Step-Up Converter Drives White LEDs with 1000:1 PWM Dimming Nov 21st, 2006
Design Note DN392 - High Voltage Buck Converters Drive High Power LEDs Jun 1st, 2006
Design Note DN376 - Monolithic Converter Drives High Power LEDs Sep 19th, 2005
Design Note DN373 - ThinSOT Micropower Buck Regulator Has Low Output Ripple Aug 10th, 2005
Design Note DN1007 - 60V Step-Down DC/DC Converter Has Only 100µA Quiescent Current Mar 8th, 2005
Design Note DN352 - 60V, 3A Step-Down DC/DC Converter Has Low Dropout and 100µA Quiescent Current Nov 2nd, 2004
Design Note DN1009 - Tiny, Efficient High Power LED Camera Flash Solutions for Cell Phone Applications Oct 1st, 2004
LT Journal Aug 2002 Lower the Output Voltage Ripple of Positive-to-Negative DC/DC Converters with Optimum Capacitor Hook-Up Aug 9th, 2004
Design Note DN340 - DC/DC Converter Drives Lumileds White LEDs from a Variety of Power Sources Jun 2nd, 2004
Design Note DN318 - Efficient Dual Polarity Output Converter Fits into Tight Spaces Aug 2nd, 2003
Design Note DN317 - Boost Regulator Makes Low Profile SEPIC with Both Step-Up and Step-Down Capability Aug 1st, 2003
LT Journal Mar 2003 Positive Buck Regulator Makes Negative Boost DC/DC Converter Mar 1st, 2003
LT Journal Dec 2002 Tiny 1.25MHz Monolithic Boost Regulator Has 1.5A Switch and Wide Input Voltage Range Dec 1st, 2002
Design Note DN287 - High Voltage Buck Regualtors provide High Current, Low Profile Power Solutions for FireWire Peripherals Jun 1st, 2002
LT Journal May 2002 Space Saving Dual Output ±5V High Current Power Supply Requires Only One 1.25MHz Switcher and One Magnetic Component May 1st, 2002
Design Note DN271 - Tiny Step-Up/Step-Down Power Supply Delivers 3.3V at 1.3A in Battery-Powered Devices Nov 1st, 2001
Design Note DN255 - LT1619: Tiny Boost Controller Provides Efficient Solutions for Low Voltage Inputs Apr 2nd, 2001